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Thank you for your patience during this Corona Virus Pandemic. Like every businesses, we like to make money, in return for Millions of dollars, we have invested in our movie cinemas. BUT WE VALUE OUR CUSTOMERS SAFETY FIRST. After reviewing the increases in confirmed Corona Virus positive cases during last week, where many states had highest number of confirmed new cases in one day since the virus started. USA had more than 45,000 confirmed new cases in one day - highest ever. we have decided to not open our cinema location for time being. Some (not all) of the movie cinema companies that were open, deciding to close down this week. - We will keep watching CDC and Health department guidance among other regulations and keep you updated on our plans for opening. Thank you for your patronage in the past and hope to see you soon.

Cineplanet 16

Cineplanet 16
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Atoka, TN 38004


Hollywood 16

Hollywood 16
575 Van Drive
Jackson, TN


Cinema Planet 10

Cinema Planet 10
231 Kenworth Blvd
Jackson, TN